Leather slicing blades

Simmons leather slicing blades came to market in 1992 and are produced from the highest quality carbon steel, bonded with accurate, well-finished, uniform hard welds. Leather cutter blades are used in a wide range of leather processing applications, from tanning leather to cutting it for use in the manufacture of shoes, blades and other fine leather goods.

The steel used in the manufacture of leather cutting knives for tanning leather is polished and hardened to three Rockwell hardness levels; low, medium and high. hese blades are not only used for cutting through leather. Blades with very low hardening are also available and can be used to cut through rubber.

Simmons offers these blades with Tru-Trak® and Ultra Tru-Trak® finishes. ru-Trak® blades are finished on the front and back edge to increase control of blade movement. Ultra Tru-Trak® blades are finished on all dimensions to minimize deflection or movement of the blade during use.

Tru-Trak® and Ultra Tru-Trak® blades are marked with a serial number, providing a high level of manufacturing control and traceability.


  • Cutting through skin
  • Cutting through rubber
  • Textiles
  • Carpet recycling

The following options are available.

For custom orders, minimum quantities may be set.

* Custom sharpening geometry.
* Choice of different degrees of hardening.
* Tru-Trak® and Ultra Tru-Trak®.

Standard sizes. Other sizes available by special order. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.

Standard "015" "016" "018" "020" "022" "0236" "025" "028" "032" "035"  
1/4" S 6,35mm
3/8" S D S D 10mm
7/16" 11mm
1/2" D S D S S 12,7mm
5/8" S D S D 15mm
3/4" S D S D S S 19mm
1" S S S 25mm
1-1/4" S S S S 30mm
1-1/2" S S S S 38mm
  0,38mm 0,4mm 0,45mm 0,5mm 0,56mm 0,6mm 0,65mm 0,7mm 0,8mm 0,89mm