he Honeycomb blade is designed to cut in the opposite direction of the tooth set and has alternate sharpening on the back side of the tooth, allowing the blade to cut very aggressively without moving material, without causing damage to materials with delicate textures. It is the right blade for open-cell honeycomb materials when a “fuzz-free” cut is necessary. Because the blade’s tooth face is ground, a blade thickness of at least 0.7mm (0.028″) is recommended. All standard honeycomb blades have 4 teeth per inch.


  • Aerospace panels
  • Various honeycomb materials
  • Packaging materials

The following options are available.

For custom orders, minimum quantities may be set.

  • Options with a variety of settings
  • Resistant blade
  • Available in cut-to-length forms and bands

Standard sizes. Other sizes available by special order. Please contact the Sales Department.

Standard "015" "016" "018" "020" "022" "0236" "025" "028" "032" "035"  
1/4" S 6,35mm
3/8" S D S D 10mm
7/16" 11mm
1/2" D S D S S 12,7mm
5/8" S D S D 15mm
3/4" S D S D S S 19mm
1" S S S 25mm
1-1/4" S S S S 30mm
1-1/2" S S S S 38mm
  0,38mm 0,4mm 0,45mm 0,5mm 0,56mm 0,6mm 0,65mm 0,7mm 0,8mm 0,89mm