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Simmons is a manufacturer of high-quality CNC blades whose design allows them to be used on a wide range of machines. Simmons can vegetables CNC blades with specific dimensions for oscillating machinery, welded CNC bandsaw blades and coils, allowing customers to cut and weld their own blades.

CNC blades are produced in knife, V-toothed and flat-toothed blade configurations. Knives and blades with 24 teeth per inch (TPI) are recommended for soft foams, blades with 18 teeth (TPI) for medium to high density foams and blades with 14 teeth (TPI) for heavy foams. Some applications require a smooth finish, while still providing the aggressiveness of toothed blades – for these applications, flat-toothed blades were created. They are available in 5, 14, 18 and 24 tooth (TPI) configurations.


  • Low to High-Density Foam
  • Insulation material

The following options are available:

  • Single or double-sided sharpened edge
  • Custom toothing configurations available
  • Available in strips, rolls or cut-to-size cut-to-length forms

For custom orders, minimum quantities may be set.

  Nóż 5t Płaski 11t Płaski 14t 14t Płaski 18t 24t 24t Płaski
3mm x 0,45mm X X X X
3mm x 0,6mm X X X X X X X
3,6mm x 0,6mm X X X X X
3,8mm x 0,7mm X X X X X
4,5mm x 0,65mm X X X X
4,5mm x 0,8mm X X X X X
4,75mm x 0,65mm X