Bread slicing blades

Simmons’ first product was the reciprocating bread slicing blade and, although there have been many changes since 1946, it is still widely used. Always manufactured from the finest carbon steel available, the hard-edged reciprocating blade was first created and marketed by Simmons – and remains the industry standard to which other similar products are compared. The standard is a 1/2″ (12.7mm) pitch wavy blade, but many other configurations of widths, lengths, mounting hole locations, rivets and blade mounting brackets for slicers are available in the product range. Simmons blades always provide a fast, clean cut with minimal crumbing, no matter the type of bread.

Listed below are typical types of slicers and the blades matched to them. If you are unsure which slicer and/or blade will be best, measure the overall length of the blade, the distance from the center to the mounting holes or rivets, and describe the type of rivets or handles to a member of the Sales Department and you will certainly be able to select a blade that meets your needs. Simmons has the ability to vegetables many different types of slicer blades.

If you need a non-standard blade, Simmons has the ability to vegetables blades with a variety of edge types, a wide range of sizes and configurations. Simmons can make holes of various sizes to suit customer requirements.

Szerokość x Grubość Nóż Rzeźniczy – 4tpi Rzeźniczy – 6tpi Scallop Mini-B
5/8” x ,020 P1094 P2026 P2000
5/8” x ,022 P2065 P2019 P1093 P2025 P2066