V-tooth | Foam

V-tooth blades are excellent for cutting medium- to high-density foam. hey are a suitable alternative to Knives if the machine being used does not have an efficient grinding system. he V-tooth blade penetration provides faster cutting than standard knife cutting. Most standard sizes are available in configurations with 10 and 14 teeth per inch (TPI).

It is possible to vegetables blades in many other configurations – in this case, contact the Sales Department. For widths narrower than 1/4″ (6.35mm), please refer to the CNC Blades we offer on page 4.


  • Medium to High-Density Foam
  • Packaging materials
  • Plastic film
  • Aluminum honeycomb
  • Filter media
  • Tear-off Tape Dispensers
Standard "015" "016" "018" "020" "022" "0236" "025" "028" "032" "035"  
1/4" 10S 14S 6,35mm
3/8" 14S 14D 10S 14S 14D 10mm
7/16" 11mm
1/2" 10S 10D 14S 14D 14S 12,7mm
5/8" 10S 10D 14S 14D 10S 10D 14S 14D 10S 10D 14S 14D 15mm
3/4" 10S 10D 14S 14D 19mm
1" 10S 14S 14S 25mm
1-1/4" 10S 14S 30mm
1-1/2" 10S 14S 38mm
  0,38mm 0,4mm 0,45mm 0,5mm 0,56mm 0,6mm 0,65mm 0,7mm 0,8mm 0,89mm